Our Startups

Hatiee’s Pvt LTD

Our vision is to provide organic single origin chocolate and vegan cheese with high quality and affordability.


Innovative deserts with lyophilized technology to cater the world market of sweet deserts.

3E PowerFLY Pvt LTD

Innovative mechanical flywheel technology to provide clean electricity, We have won the institutional innovation awards of 2021 for our product, our vision is fostered to create affordable and clean electricity to tier 2, tier 3 and rural population.

Cornerstone PVT LTD

We are technology oriented start-up with focus on customized robotic technology. We create value by creating automation and robotics in various day to day life.

Anther Science Craft

We are focused on creating affordable vaccine and rapid testing kits for COVID variant’s, Malaria, dengue and chickengunya.


A telemedicine based service to cater the needs of the tier 3 and rural environments. We connect patients with patients with doctor, nurse, allied health professionals and clinical testing labs at affordable cost.


We are focused on water sustainability, we are working on to solve problems by reducing water pollution. We have products to reuse water for laundries and produce water from air moisture instead of utilization of ground water.

K3L candles

We have candles with uniqueness for setting up to various moods. We specialize with innovative technology in candles with natural aromatic oils to enlighten the moods of people.


Our vision is provide language training through WhatsApp and IMO Platform with global reach. Our aim is educate people with linguistic skill for their needs.

Geneaura Pvt Ltd

We are pioneers in genetic counselling with innovative technology. We cater to the Indian population with cancer panels for Indian population. We also foster to PCOS and male infertility panels of Indian population.